Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic

2011 Tournament Results


2011 Final Leaderboard

  Reel Worthless 64′ Viking Pensacola, FL Johnny Johnson
Travis Gill
  1300 $53,820.00
  Conundrum 61′ Viking Orange Beach, AL Dan Haeuser
Rick Sinclair
Barrett Haik
  800 $7,695.00
  High Interest 50′ Scully Venice, LA Ken Myers   600 $1,980.00
Top Billfish Boat Reel Worthless 64′ Viking Pensacola, FL     1300  
Top Female Angler Four Reel 65′ Hatteras Venice, LA Taylor Harvey –
  1 White Marlin release
Top Youth Angler Mojo 60′ Viking Destin, FL Tommy Keating –
  1 White Marlin release
  Reel Worthless 64′ Viking Pensacola, FL Travis Gill 49,6   $32,850.00
  Bushwacker 45′ Cabo Falgout Canal, LA Avery Vincent 36.1   $8,370.00
  Pipe Dream 60′ Spencer Port Mansfield, TX Russell Bailey 29.9   $19,620.00
  Bushwacker 45′ Cabo Falgout Canal, LA Michael LaSalle 157.1   $13,725.00
  Gandy Dancer 65′ Monterrey Grand Isle, LA Oscar Tomasich 139.3   $3,105.00
  LA Lady 54′ Bertram Cypremore Point, LA Kyle Braniff 94.5   $0.00
  Double J 31′ Contender Golden Meadow, LA JJ Tabor 101.7   $56,025.00
  Fin Addiction 42′ Tiara Biloxi, MS Warren McCaleb 89.9   $0.00
  Ms Calculation 35′ Cabo Gulfport, MS Bobby Knesal 83.2   $3,375.00

2011 Total Billfish Releases

Boat Name Owner Make Lenth Homeport Blue Marlin Swordfish White Marlin Sailfish
Targeted Species Kip Creed Bertram 31′ Venice , LA      1  
Bushwhacker Michael LaSalle Cabo 45′ Falgout Canal, LA  1      
Tia II Tony Simmons Hatteras 53′ Avery Island, LA  1      
Lady Lab Ashton LaBorde Viking 64′ Venice, LA        
Fin Addiction Kevin Ramage Tiara 35′ Biloxi, MS        
Better Half Al Theriot Leblanc 40′ Cypremort Point, LA        
Capn Daddy Jeff Milton Bertram 50′ Madisonville, LA        
Ms Calculation Dan Hensarling Cabo 35′ Gulfport, MS        
LA Lady John McElligott Bertram 50′ Cypremort Point, LA        
Whoo Dat Chris Hood Albemarle 41′ Grand Isle, LA        
Reel Bounty Tony Anan Hatteras 64′ Galveston, TX        
Reel Worthless Johnny Johnson Viking 64′ Pensacola, FL  2   1   
Caper Matt Bell Pace 40′ Cypremort Point, LA        
Black Pearl 2 David Hayes Robalo 30′ Houston, TX        
Bushwacker 2 John Curry Hatteras 46′ Cypremort Point, LA        1
Jasper Time Mark Wallace Hatteras 60′ Destin, FL        
Reel Addiction Rocky Jones Viking 56′ Pensacola, FL        
Up-Tick Kendall Krielow Rampage 38′ Grand Isle, LA        
Pier Pressure Chris Vincent Viking 50′ Grand Isle, LA  1      
Gandy Dancer Murphy Foster Monterey 65′ Grand Isle, LA        
Four Reel Robert Harvey, Jr Hatteras 65′ Venice, LA      1  
Game Plan Phil Bohr Rampage 38′ Venice, LA        
Pipe Dream – TX Don Milner Spencer 60′ Port Mansfield, TX        
Bandit Bert Sterndorf Viking 74′ Corpus Christi, TX        
Conundrum Dan Haeuser Viking 61′ Orange Beach, AL  1    2  
First Choice Dennis Passentine Hatteras 60′ Mandeville, LA        
High Interest Ken Meyers Scully 50′ Venice, LA 1      
Ms. Remy Rene Cross Carolina 60′ Venice, LA        
Share-E Buell Polk Viking 60′ Venice, LA        
Freedom Dino Chouest American 65′ Galliano, LA        
Over Ride Marty Griffith Viking 56′ Rockport, TX      1  
Rush Job Gordon Moss Viking 35′ Falgout Canal, LA        
Cajun Odysea Mike Gray Freeman 33′ Venice, LA        
Pale Horse 2 Richard Draper Freeman 40′ Venice, LA        
Brother In Law John Garrity Bertram 54′ Venice, LA  1      
Patron Tom Shumate Custom 65′ Port O’Connor, TX        
High Risk Brian Barnhill Topaz 44′ Falgout Canal, LA        
Mojo Roger Bagwell Viking 60′ Destin, FL        
Double J JJ Tabor Contender 31′ Golden Meadow, LA      1  
  (39 boats)
        8   7 1


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